All children are born with the same potential.

We promote learning and development since early childhood through collaboration networks and the continuous improvement of teaching practices and leadership

We promote Early Childhood Education in public schools

We strive to help educational and school leadership teams, through innovative methodologies, improve their teaching and leadership practices, with the goal of helping children achieve greater socio-emotional and language development.

We create opportunities to learn English from an early age. 

We seek to improve the English of students through a collaborative working model that involves teachers, school leadership teams and English-speaking professionals.

We test, implement, evaluate, study and adjust in order to improve.

Our school teams develop innovations to improve teaching practices by, permanently measuring the effects of their implementations and by making evidence-based decisions.

Discover how Coltauco reduced chronic absenteeism

The schools in the municipalities that applied Un Buen Comienzo’s attendance strategies ended the academic year with a 16% chronic absenteeism among their children, versus the 33% of those that did not apply them.

We share our experiences and lessons.

We place at your disposition what we have learned over the years and our field-tested knowledge through our E-learning platform, as well as local and international training and seminars.

You must be there to win!

When a child misses class, he misses out on meaningful learning experiences as well as the opportunity to share with his peers. We support teachers’ and school leadership’s innovation, in order to reduce chronic absenteeism in their communities.