We are a non-profit organization that promotes early childhood development and education, through collaborative networks and the continuous improvement model of teaching and leadership skills.
Together with educational teams, administrators and supporters, we innovate in order to contribute to the improvement of public education in Chile.

Message from our Founder

Educations is, without a doubt, the most important driver for people’s progress, development and wellbeing. While this conviction is generally broadly shared in Chile, the quality of our education system continues to be one of our country’s pending challenges.

For this reason, beginning in 2006, Fundación Educacional Oportunidad has developed innovative strategies aimed at providing support for early childhood education. This is achieved by the Un Buen Comienzo program, which aims to influence young children from the moment in which they are most susceptible to learning, and by providing them with early English instruction through the We Learn program.

Board of Directors

Our history


Fundación Educacional Oportunidad’s work in public schools throughout various regions of Chile has been acknowledged and valued by prestigious national and international organizations, including the: OECD, Summa, Carnegie Foundation, Brookings Institution, Cefis and Cedle.