Learning transfer

The Learning Transfer Area has the purpose of sharing what the Foundation has learned over the years.

About Learning Transfer Area

This area has the purpose of sharing what the Foundation has learned over the years, from the implementation of the Un Buen Comienzo, We Learn and Attendance programs. This is achieved through the transfer of knowledge, methodologies and resources that have been tested in the field.

Therefore, one of the strategic pillars of the Foundation is to contribute and influence public and private educational institutions that seek to make an impact on the quality of early childhood education and early English instruction.

What is it about?

The Learning Transfer Area is structured around three lines of work:

Educational resources: 
we systematize and freely provide educational resources developed within the context of the Foundation’s programs, all of which can be replicated and adapted to local contexts. These include curricular programs, strategy guidelines, application videos, daily planning and teaching materials, among others.  

*To access these resource, we invite you to visit our e-learning platform.

Training for teachers and administrators: we train educational teams and administrators about our own knowledge and strategies. Whether it is within the contexts of initial or ongoing training, the aim is to provide close and practical assistance that will enable institutions to integrate these tools in a meaningful and lasting way. This is achieved through agreements with Local Education Services, universities, technical training centers and public early childhood education providers, among others.         

Link to the environment: Our work is evidence-based, and we constantly measure the impact of our programs, thus contributing to the development of both scientific and practical knowledge in Early Childhood Education and in early English learning. We participate in -and also organize- instances such as inter-institutional round tables, seminars and congresses, both at a national and international level, with the purpose of sharing and expanding this knowledge.